Gimbals & Stabilisers

Gimbals are the perfect choice for any videographer, photographer or filmmaker looking to add a professional edge to their content. By stabilising your camera, phone or in-built camera footage with a gimbal you will instantly improve the quality of your streams, videos, time lapses etc.

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What is a Gimbal?

A gimbal, also known as a camera stabiliser, is a tool used in photography and videography to balance and stabilize your filming equipment, whether it be a camera, phone, or camera gimbal. It achieves this by utilizing internal motors and gyroscopic sensors to ensure footage is smooth without judders or shakiness.

Our selection of gimbals and stabilizers from Feiyutech provide quality camera stabilisation for all customer needs and requirements. From professional filmmakers or documentary makers creating timelapses, to someone vlogging in their garden, Feiyutech have you covered with modern professional grade gimbal technology.