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Why Should I buy a Portable Flash Head Kit?

Portable flash head kits are the go-to solution for quality, powerful lighting while away from the studio. The lithium batteries in the flashes offer plenty of charges, and depending on the size / power of the flash head, some even overpower the sun. Rarely will photographers use flash heads without any lighting modifiers such as umbrellas or softboxes - accessories that are great at lighting up a dark location or complementing natural light in day shoots. We’ve helpfully put some kits together so you know what works well on location and you’re not worrying about compatibility (we’ve checked it for you).

Portable Flash Head Kits – Which one is good for me?

Depending on the power of the light you want on your shoots and the main goal you have while using them, you can choose between a selection of portable flash heads with accessories that are typically paired together to achieve those effects. The more powerful the light requirement, the larger in size the flash head will have to be to accommodate this.

One way to achieve more light is simply doubling up on flash heads. You can hit two angles at once or combine the units together in one bracket for twice the power from a single source. This of course gives you the option of only bringing one flash unit when necessary, saving on carrying weight and potential damage risk in transit to and from jobs. The Visico 2 Twin Head Portable Flash Kit is a perfect starter kit, offering 2 flash heads which can be used independently or together for twice the power. Buying two units from the same manufacturer also saves any headaches with compatibility.

Want a bare bulb head / Fresnel spotlight attachment and a twin head adapter bundled in with your kit? Consider the Godox AD200 Pro Twin Head Kit. Combining 2 x 200Ws flash units for 400Ws power from a single light source, this kit is perfect for providing multiple options with your lighting.

When you get to the larger portable flash head units they can double up as studio lighting. In this case it’s a good idea to get an AC adapter included with the item so it can be mains powered when working from a more regular location, nullifying the negative effects of battery power. Our Godox AD400 Pro Studio Flash and AC Mains Adapter Kit is ideal for this, providing high power and giving you the option of choosing between portability and something more permanent.