Lens Filters

Check out our top-of-the-range Polar Pro lens filters below. Whether you’re looking for lens protection, or to add some personality to your shots, we’ve got you covered with all types of lens filters.

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What are Lens Filters?

Photography lens filters are camera accessories that fit to the end of your camera lens, often filtering out UV and modifying the amount of light coming into the camera each shot.

Why use Lens Filters?

Photographers and videographers use lens filters to control the amount of light captured by the camera. Especially important when working outdoors when the photographer doesn’t have control over the amount of light displaying on the subject/landscape, the UV filters help minimize lens flare allowing the photographer to concentrate on shot composition and effective colour balancing. These camera lenses are perfect for combating overexposure, brought on by high light levels and even very high shutter speeds that can’t compensate for. This also saves time in post-production, as the photographer will have a closer image to the final version that they can quickly check out on the camera screen at the time of capturing.

Different lenses serve different purposes. Some can boost the colour in your photos/videos making your shots ultimately more vibrant and higher in contrast. Others are for unlocking more potential for outdoor shoots. Depending on your requirements as a photographer, there will be a complimentary lens that will enhance your shooting style. Some shots involving reflective surfaces, such as rivers and glass windows, would be very difficult to shoot in daylight without filters. Many photographers purchase filters solely to protect the end of their expensive lenses, whether that’s from scratches, dirt, moisture, bumps, or just for peace of mind.

Which Lens Filter do I need?

Check out the types of lens filters below, and decide which one is best suited to your needs.

UV Protection Lens Filter

Now used more for protecting the lens from dirt, scratches and moisture, UV lens filters also prevent lens flare and that light haze you get with overexposure. A must have standard lens filter for any photographer.

Polarizing Filter

Using a polarizer lens allows the photographer/videographer to saturate colour, add depth, and reduce reflections, making these lenses fantastic choices for shooting landscapes.

Neutral Density (ND)

Neutral Density filters are dark lens filters that reduce the amount of light entering the camera, but it does so without the colours being affected. These filters allow you to shoot at lower shutter speeds without worrying about overexposure.

Colour Correcting Filters

These filters are used for correcting, enhancing or blocking colours in your shots. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve in your images, these filters give real-time aesthetic looks to your shots through the viewfinder, so you can be sure the shot is stylised as you’d like instead of guessing and working on it in post-production.