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Shop our range of paper backgrounds & backdrops for your studio or homes setup. Wide range of colours, sizes, materials and textures including white, green, grey and black paper backgrounds

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A paper background or backdrop is a must for anyone serious about their photography, either as a professional studio or a home setup, especially for portraits. Paper backgrounds have many advantages over other types of background material for example unlike fabric backgrounds, you don’t have to iron or wash every time you need to use it.

Paper backgrounds are crease free and come on a roll which means you simply roll down and tear off any damaged or used part, giving your images a professional, crisp and smooth look.

Paper backgrounds are available in a variety of different colours. Sizes and thickness, the most popular colours being white, green, grey and black. In terms of size, most paper rolls are 10m in length and width will vary from 1.35 to 2.75m, simply choose the width that will suit you needs and available space. 1.35m are great for single subject or baby or child photography whilst the 2.75m width backgrounds are great for family or larger groups.

However, if you do opt for the thicker or wider backdrops, you will need to mount them on a suitable heavy duty backdrop stand, most of our stands are recommended upto 5kg weight which is ample for any of the paper backgrounds we stock.

For added safety we recommend you use sand bags to weight the stands down and use our background support clips/ clamps to secure the paper roll so that it doesn’t unravel itself. You might also want to use tape to secure the front edge of the roll to the floor to prevent any trip hazards or the paper from rolling back.

In terms of which colour, that’s really down to personal choice and what you intend to do with your photography, Green backgrounds are ideal for composting when you want to select the background and replace it with a different colour or scene in post-production. White backgrounds are the most popular and are ideal for portraits or product photography.