Lighting Box

Lighting boxes are a fantastic and cost-effective way to take professional photos of small products such as jewellery, watches, make up, shoes and clothing. They are absolutely perfect for someone running an eBay store from home, or professional photographers that want a portable and reliable lighting solution that doesn’t take up much space and is easily stored.

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Why use a Lighting Box?

Lighting boxes (also known as LED light boxes, light tents and light cubes) are exactly as the label describes – square boxes that contain lighting. Increasingly popular among professional and home-run e-commerce businesses, light boxes take the stress out of setting up a studio or dedicating a large amount of space to a studio. The LED lights provide consistent and low-energy lighting that is both bright and of a high enough quality that you can be sure your products are displaying their best in the photographs. Anyone can use a lighting box - that barrier of necessary knowledge that can sometimes trip up the amateur photographer is not present when using a light cube.

The number one reason why we suggest lighting boxes to our community is the increase in quality to your product photography. When your photos improve, so do your sales. When you think of the relatively small cost to enable you to take professional looking photos, owning a light box is a real no-brainer, and an essential tool that anyone running an online store should possess.