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Below we have bespoke wedding photography lighting kits that have been put together by our in-house specialist photographer. Depending on your experience level and budget, these kits are perfect for any budding wedding photographer wanting to nail those perfect shots!

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By purchasing a wedding photography lighting kit from Lencarta you can be rest assured that everything is compatible and specifically chosen to be perfect for the job at hand. Whether you’re capturing the happy couple indoors at the reception/church, or out in the elements, these kits have you covered. Even if you have some more artsy ideas in mind, these lighting kits will be more than up to the challenge, whether in glorious sunshine or the dark of night.

No professional wedding photographer wants to be missing an essential piece of equipment that would allow them to photograph the “once-in-a-lifetime” shot. That split second you get to take the perfect photograph of those genuine candid moments at a wedding – the father hugging the bride, newlyweds cutting the cake, tearful relatives, exchanging the rings, reading their vows etc – are moments you can’t afford to miss. Without the right kit you risk dark images or blurry faces, which then becomes an absolute nightmare trying to either fix in post, or worst case scenario having to explain to the couple fresh back from their honeymoon that you didn’t get their favourite parts of their wedding on film!