Comparing Godox LITEMONS™ LA150D & LA150Bi

Comparing Godox LITEMONS™ LA150D & LA150Bi
Godox Litemons LA150D and LA150BiGodox Litemons LA150D and LA150Bi

Only a few months ago, Godox released their new LITEMONS™ continuous lighting series of lights, including the LA150D, LA200D, LA150Bi and LA200Bi. We’ve already found the 150 series to be very popular amongst our community, and many of the conversations we have are about the performance and differences between the models, so we thought we’d make a handy guide to answer all those questions in one place!

Lencarta LED COB Light Lencarta LED COB Light
Example of a COB LED light

With the increasing popularity in continuous lighting for a wide variety of uses – including broadcast lighting, YouTube / streaming lighting, home studio lights and (increasingly more common) traditional photography, Godox have created a recognisable sub-brand named LITEMONS™ to help identify this particular set of Chip-On-Board (COB) lights*. Specifically known as the LA Series, these set of COB lights provide a lot of power whilst being energy efficient and user friendly. Being able to visualise the end result in real time is a real positive, making these LEDs fantastic lights for photography.

*Chip-On-Board (COB) lights are a type of LED light that are actually a set of a number of LED lights that are very tightly packed together, working in uniformity and appearing as one large LED panel. The uniformity of the brightness and flexibility of LED lights in terms of output makes COB lighting perfect for videographers, filmmakers and photographers.

Comparing Godox LA150D and LA150Bi

Godox LA150D

While being relatively small in size, the compact but powerful LA150D outputs an impressive 84,800 lux (while using the reflector). Known for it’s ease of use, this COB LED has a very high colour rendering (CRI/TLCI rating of 96+/97+ respectfully), ensuring videos and photos have colours represented as close to natural as possible. One big feature of the LA150D is the stepless brightness adjustment capability, going from 0 to 100% continuously allowing precise lighting. The LA150D operates at a daylight colour temperature of 5600K.

With the ability to connect your smartphone to the Godox Light APP, the intuitive user interface allows for smooth and easy adjustments, such as altering brightness, FX effects (8 included) and for easy use with other Godox lights.

Godox Litemons LA150DGodox Litemons LA150D
Godox Litemons LA150BiGodox Litemons LA150Bi

Godox LA150Bi

So what’s the difference between the LA150D and the LA150Bi? The simplest answer is they are exactly the same, apart from the LA150Bi has an adjustable colour temperature. This provides the operator with a large colour temperature range from 2800-6500K, opening up many creative possibilities. This feature unlocks huge capabilities with lighting, and is the cause for the second difference between the two models – the price.

For those on a budget that do not need the adjustable colour temperature, the LA150D is perfect, but for only a little bit more your possibilities when filming or shooting photos will be massively expanded making this model perfect for future proofing your videography gear.

Whichever model you go for in the end, both are exceptional LED lights that we hear consistently good things about from our community, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either of them to videographers and photographers alike.

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