AD200 Pro vs Canon 600 EX-RT

AD200 Pro vs Canon 600 EX-RT
Both the Godox AD200 Pro and the Canon 600 EX-RT offer powerful lighting solutions with their own set of features and benefits. The choice between the two depends on individual needs, budget, and the specific requirements of the shooting environment. Whether you prioritize portability and versatility or require higher light output for larger studio setups, there's a Godox strobe that fits your needs.

WLet's delve into the comparison between the Godox AD200 Pro and the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT, both of which are popular choices in the realm of flash photography.


Godox AD200 Pro:

Features & Benefits:

  1. Power and Versatility: The AD200 Pro is a compact yet powerful flash unit that combines the portability of a speedlight with the power of a studio strobe.
  2. Interchangeable Flash Heads: It features interchangeable flash heads, allowing photographers to switch between a bare bulb and speedlight-style fresnel head for different lighting effects.
  3. Wireless Control: With built-in 2.4GHz wireless X system, it supports wireless control and triggering, making it easy to integrate into multi-flash setups.
  4. Battery Powered: Powered by a lithium-ion battery, providing faster recycle times and longer shooting sessions compared to AA battery-powered units.
  5. TTL and Manual Control: Offers both TTL and manual control modes, providing flexibility for photographers of all levels.
  6. High-Speed Sync (HSS): Supports high-speed sync, enabling photographers to use flash at shutter speeds faster than the camera's sync speed, ideal for outdoor portraits or fast-moving subjects.


  1. Portability combined with power.
  2. Versatility with interchangeable flash heads.
  3. Wireless control system for multi-flash setups.
  4. Fast recycle times and long battery life.
  5. Compatibility with TTL and manual control modes.
  6. High-Speed Sync support for creative control in various lighting conditions.


  1. Some users may find the menu system a bit complex initially.
  2. Build quality might not match higher-end studio strobes.

 Who Would Use It:

Portrait photographers who need a portable yet powerful lighting solution.
Event photographers requiring versatility and quick setup.
Photographers looking to expand their lighting setups with wireless control.

Canon 600 EX-RT:

Features & Benefits:

  1. Integration with Canon Ecosystem: Designed specifically for Canon DSLRs, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with Canon's E-TTL II system.
  2. Built-in Radio Transmission: Features built-in 2.4GHz radio transmission, allowing for wireless control and triggering of multiple flash units without the need for additional accessories.
  3. High Output: Provides ample power for a wide range of shooting scenarios, including events, weddings, and portrait sessions.
  4. Tilt and Swivel Head: The flash head can be tilted and swiveled for bounce flash photography, enabling photographers to achieve softer and more natural-looking light.
  5. Sturdy Build: Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, the 600EX-RT boasts a durable construction suitable for demanding shooting environments.
  6. Weather Sealing: Offers weather sealing to protect against dust and moisture, ensuring reliability in various outdoor conditions.


  1. Seamless integration with Canon cameras and TTL system.
  2. Built-in radio transmission for wireless control.
  3. Powerful output suitable for professional use.
  4. Versatile tilt and swivel head for bounce flash photography.
  5. Robust build quality with weather sealing.


  1. Limited compatibility with non-Canon cameras or systems.
  2. Higher price point compared to some third-party alternatives.
  3. Battery life may be shorter compared to Godox AD200 Pro's lithium-ion battery.

Who Would Use It:

Canon users who prioritize seamless integration and compatibility.
Professional photographers who demand reliability and durability.
Photographers working in challenging environments where weather sealing is crucial.


 FEATURE AD200 PRO Canon 600 EX-RT
Power Output 200Ws  75Ws
Flash Duration 1/220 to 1/15380 seconds 1/430 to 1/50000 seconds
Recycle Time Approx. 0.01-1.8 seconds Approx. 0.1 to 5.5 seconds 
Flash Modes Manual, TTL, Multi Manual, TTL, Multi
Flash Heads Interchangeable (bare bulb, fresnel) Fixed (tilt and swivel)
Wireless System Built-in 2.4G Wireless X System Built-in 2.4GHz radio transmission (Canon RT)
Wireless Channels 32 15
Wireless Range Up to 100 meters (328 feet) Up to 30m meters (98 feet)
HSS (High-Speed Sync) Up to 1/8000 second Yes
Compatibility Godox X System Canon DSLRs
Battery Lithium Battery Pack (included) 4 x AA batteries
Battery Capacity 2900 mAh  
Battery Life Approx. 500 full-power flashes Approx. 500 full-power flashes
Weight Approx. 590g (1.3 lbs) Approx. 425g (0.9 lbs)
Dimensions 168mm x 75mm x 500mm  79.7 x 143.2 x 125.4 mm
Modelling Lamp Yes, 1W LED Yes
Accessories Wide range available, including Fresnel and bare bulb heads Wide range available, including diffusers and modifiers
Price Typically Higher Typically Lower


Key Differences:

Power Output: The Godox AD200 Pro offers 200Ws of power, whereas the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT has a guide number of 60m at ISO 100, indicating its power output.

Battery: The AD200 Pro features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing faster recycle times and longer shooting sessions. The 600EX-RT requires four AA batteries for operation.

Flash Duration: The AD200 Pro offers a flash duration range of 1/220 to 1/12820 seconds, whereas the 600EX-RT has a range of 1/430 to 1/50000 seconds.

Wireless System: Both flashes feature built-in wireless systems (2.4GHz), allowing for remote control and triggering of multiple units. However, the AD200 Pro uses the Godox X system, while the 600EX-RT utilizes Canon's RT system.

Flash Head: The AD200 Pro comes with interchangeable flash heads (bare bulb and fresnel), offering versatility in lighting effects. The 600EX-RT has a fixed flash head with tilt and swivel capabilities for bounce flash photography.

Compatibility: The AD200 Pro is universally compatible with various camera brands, while the 600EX-RT is specifically designed for Canon DSLRs.

Weather Sealing: The Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT features weather sealing, making it more suitable for outdoor use in challenging conditions.



Power vs Portability: The AD200 Pro offers more power and versatility with interchangeable flash heads, while the 600EX-RT prioritizes integration with Canon cameras and systems.

Battery Life: The AD200 Pro's lithium-ion battery provides longer shooting sessions compared to the 600EX-RT's AA batteries, but it may require recharging.
Price: Consider the price difference between the two flashes, factoring in your budget and specific requirements.


Choosing Between AD200 Pro and Canon 600 EX-RT:

When deciding between the Godox AD200 Pro and the YN200, it ultimately comes down to your specific needs and shooting preferences.

Portability vs Integration: If portability and versatility are your priorities, the Godox AD200 Pro is an excellent choice. Its interchangeable flash heads, wireless control system, and compact design make it a versatile tool for various shooting scenarios.

System Compatibility: However, if you're heavily invested in the Canon ecosystem and prioritize seamless integration and compatibility, the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT may be the better option. Its integration with Canon cameras and TTL system, along with robust build quality and weather sealing, make it a reliable choice for professional Canon shooters.

Budget Consideration: Additionally, consider your budget. While the AD200 Pro offers a lot of features at a competitive price point, the 600EX-RT's premium build quality and integration come at a higher cost.


Ultimately, the choice between the Godox AD200 Pro and the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT depends on your specific needs, shooting style, and budget. Both flashes offer unique features and benefits tailored to different types of photographers, so carefully consider your requirements before making a decision.

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