Godox Portable Flash Lighting

Godox Portable Flash Lighting
Godox Official UK Godox Distributor. Lencarta is an official UK distributor for Godox products.

Godox have become well established and a reliable manufacturer of professional lighting solutions, becoming one of the most recognisable brands in the market today. The flash lighting options from Godox really are where they made the name for themselves.

Where Godox truly excel when it comes to professional portable flash lighting products is in their reliability, power, and probably the most popular component of their success – the price at which people can get this quality for. The affordability of Godox products whilst providing the same high build quality, reliability and functionality as the very top premium brands out there really makes Godox stand out as a consumer-friendly lighting solution.

Check out the selection of portable lighting on offer from Godox below. Godox are a fantastic choice when on location due to their reliability and portability.

Lencarta have always had a very good working relationship with Godox - being the first distributor in the UK, and operating the UK’s only Official UK Godox Repair Centre. You know you're in good hands buying Godox from Lencarta.

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